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We Target Your Bugs, Not Your Wallet!

Bug Masters is here to defend and protect your home. We offer a multitude of services with a state of the art approach to identifying and treating the root of your pest problem. You can count on our Bug Masters to investigate, determine a solution for your problem, target your pests and protect your property. We provide a quality service for a quality price to keep you pest free and worry free!

Our Services

Quarterly Pest Control

Provides service covering ants, crickets, roaches, silverfish, fleas, water bugs and more. Baiting for mice and rats is also provided per request. Includes interior and exterior treatment for $40.00 with service guaranteed. We offer the same service for one time pest control!

Commercial Pest Control

Treatment service provided monthly or bi-monthly, and they are available on your schedule.

Termite Treatment

We specialize in the non-evasive treatment offered by Termidor S.C. Perimeter Plus. This allows the applicator to avoid drilling the interior and exterior coverings of your home. In some cases small localized treatments cannot be avoided if active termite activity is detected. Once your home has been treated a contract will be provided to you.

Pre-Construction Treatment

If you are building a new home this is the least expensive and the best time to place a protective barrier for your home. The termiticide is applied to areas that will be enclosed forever. Contact your contractor for the proper time to treat your investment.

Mold and Fungus Treatment

Mold and Fungus is a major destroyer of your homes structural soundness and value. The state mandates that if a liquid application is applied, increased ventilation and moisture barrier must be put in place. Increased ventilation and moisture barrier will correct the problem. If the moisture levels are dropped then the molds and fungus are considered inactive.

Moisture Barrier Installation

A moisture barrier is a material that stops the flow of moisture. Moisture can decrease the effectiveness of insulation, loosen plaster, blister paint and lead to structural damage of your home. A moisture barrier is installed to stop the capillary rise of moisture in the soil from becoming airborne vapor.


Ventilation is the main defense against excess moisture and foundation decay, as well as aiding in termite control! The installation of a Temp-Vent can save you fuel, money, and time while helping to prevent frozen water and sewer pipes. It is no electricity needed and will automatically open at 70 Deg. F. and close at 40 Deg. F.

Floor Supports

Bug Masters can professionally install floor supports to remedy the settling of your home. Sagging floor joists will cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your home if left without professional attention.

Structural Repair

Pests and mold can cause structural damage to your home or business. You can trust that Bug Masters will offer repair services to put your property back in order.

Access Doors

Bug Masters offers installation of replacement access doors for crawl spaces and vent wells where the vents are actually located at or below the exterior grade.